Friday, July 30, 2010

Did a Past-Due Assignment Last Night

From Day 9: to listen to your spouse. Really listen.

They suggested two different exercises:

* spend an entire day listening to your husband, not speaking unless he asks you a question.
They suggest that if he asks what's going on, you tell him that you are making an effort to listen to him more.
* ask your husband a question about something he enjoys. Really listen to his responses. Keep asking questions until he tells you something you didn't know, and respond with "Wow! I didn't know that!"

I did the second exercise. The opportunity presented itself, as he was talking about the mechanics of fire trucks, and so I started asking him questions. He didn't really have a reaction, but then again he doesn't seem to notice I'm doing these challenges at all. I have to just trust that they are having small but sure effects on our relationship.

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