Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 18 (and catch up)

If you read my other blog, you may realize that my laptop has been acting up, making it difficult to keep up with my blog posts. So here's an update on how I'm doing on my 30-Day-Husband-Encouragement-Challenge-For-Wives.

Today is Day 18. Today's challenge is to let FireMan know that I appreciate his joyfulness and his playful spirit.


He sure does have a playful spirit. Must. Appreciate. This.

It's been difficult lately. Because sometimes there are times to be serious, you know? And often he meets serious topics by cracking a joke. And that's just annoying.

Must. Appreciate. FireMan's. Playfulness.

To catch you up on my progress:

Day 8 (appreciating his faithfulness): not done yet
Day 9 (listening challenges): not done yet. Both of these challenges take time. I think I might be better off picking a day & just doing it, instead of waiting for the opportunity to present itself.
Day 12 (thanking him for something he's already doing): not done. I forgot.
Day 14 (praising him for how he walks in integrity): not done
Day 15 (pray for God to work in his heart): done
Day 16 (thank him for communicating with me): not done
Day 17 (ask him about his vision for our marriage & home): not done

If I'm not careful this 30 day challenge might end up taking me 60 days!

On another, but related note, I'm doing well with not speaking negatively, but sometimes struggle with negative thoughts about FireMan. I also struggle a lot with fear about our marriage. So I'm asking you to pray for me, specifically in those two areas.

Thanks for checking in.

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  1. Said a lil prayer for you! I hope things begin to look up in this area. I struggle with this as well! Thanks for writing to openly and honestly!