Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 6

Today's assigment, once again, is leaving me struggling for the opportunity to complete it.

I am to praise his creative accomplishments in public, while he is listening.

Well, he's at work until tomorrow night. I'm thinking this weekend will be good though. We have a cookout on Saturday, plus two different family outings on Monday. Saturday would be best. It's a cookout with some of my old friends, none of which he's ever met. I think that would be be the best day for that, right?

So while today's assigment leaves me struggling for opportunity, I did catch up on some of my other assignments.

Day 3: Let FireMan know that I appreciate his kindness & consideration towards me. Well, yesterday when I got home I found that FireMan had watered my flowers for me, without me asking. Opportunity = assignment done.

Day 4: Let your husband know how much you appreciate the work he does. We got our first sizeable check for FireMan's business yesterday. Perfect opportunity for me to appreciate how much I appreciate his work he does, and how proud I am of him. Opportunity = assigment done.

And, call me crazy, but I think this whole challenge thing might be working. Or FireMan's up to something, LOL. The past day or so there has been a noticeable change in his... demeanor(?).


"...whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."  -- I Corinthians 10:31b

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