Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm a Freakin' Awesome Wife

*disclaimer* This is not to say I don't have MANY areas that need work, but simply that sometimes I need to be reminded that I'm a freakin' awesome wife. I really am.

I'm the kind of wife who:

- works full time outside of the home, bringing in 40-45% of our household income, all of the health/vision/dental benefits, and the preschool subsidy so we can afford great child care

- does 85% of the housework

- does 95% of the child care

- does 65% of the pet care

- still manages to do 25% of the other family-upkeep-tasks

I'm the kind of wife who:

- plans & saves for 18 months to throw you a surprise birthday party, as well as take you diving / snorkeling on a surprise trip. Including putting in all of her own personal money (Christmas, birthdays, etc) and arranging the entire trip, including time off from your boss.

- spends months researching the best new smart phone for you for Christmas

- spends weeks researching options, and gives you a white water rafting trip for your birthday, just because you said you really liked it & hadn't gone in a while

I'm the kind of wife who:

- when you mess up, royally, while still expecting you to take responsibility for your own actions, also takes the opportunity to look at herself and see how she can better meet your needs as her husband

- then busts her butt to try to do just that

- and no matter how many people tell her or hint that she should consider divorce, only did so long enough to say "for better for worse, till death do us part"

I'm the kind of wife who:

- joins community groups because you enjoy them

- learns to scuba dive so we can have something to do together

- goes to events she doesn't really want to go to, and sits there bored & alone for five hours, simply because you told her you really wanted her there

Yep. I'm freakin' awesome. I have my faults, sure, but I totally rock this wife thing

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