Monday, May 21, 2012

Anniversary Spat - part 1

So, last night we had our first spat in over a month. Maybe longer.

And it was over our anniversary. Five months away.

See, this year is the big 5. Our fifth anniversary.

We had planned on doing a long trip (7-10 days), we always planned on doing something big for this one. On our honeymoon we talked about maybe doing similar-type trips every 5 years.

We had started looking at all-inclusive resorts in the States as well as the Caribbean. And cruises. And some other locations as well.

We're talking a big trip.

I had already decided on what I wanted to get him for his anniversary present. I had started dreaming of doing  a vow renewal (also not a new idea - something we had talked about before).

And then... some other family plans interfered. As in plans that require a nine-day-trip the same month as our anniversary.

A trip he will definitely go on, and I might attend (it's his family). I'll go if we can afford it, since you have to pay your own way.

As in, there goes our anniversary trip budget.
And time. Neither one of us can afford to be gone from our jobs for nine days, be back for four, then leave again for 7-10 days. Even if we spread it out more, neither one of us can afford to be gone for over half the month.

And the family plans involve a large group of people, and so cannot be rescheduled.

So no big trip for us.

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