Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Amazing Weekend

A few weeks ago FireMan & I attended a Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaway presented by FamilyLife.

I cannot say enough about the amazing experience we had at Weekend to Remember. While I was hopeful, we both were, I never expected such a change - in both of us - in only three days.

It truly is an astounding time. From the very first night.

I've thought and tried to write about this several times, and have given it short blurbs on Facebook and Twitter, but nothing I come up with seems to do it justice.

Ugh. Even now, my words fail me. I just don't know how to elaborate on the fact that God transformed our marriage.

So let me just say this: FireMan & I were so moved by our experience, that we separately (then together) felt compelled to become group coordinators for the event.

What does that mean? Well, the title "Group Coordinator" is really a mis-nomre. It simply means that we feel so strongly about the positive effect this ministry has on marriages, that we want to help others go. You don't have to go in an actual group, or even in the same location, at the same time, or even in the same year. But to help you go, if you sign up under our group, you will get a discount of approximately 50% off the registration fee for the conference.

And because I know someone out there is wondering: FamilyLife is a non-profit organization, and this is a 100% volunteer position. Our reward is helping others.

So... if you are interested in attending Weekend to Remember, be sure to join our group (FireFamily) to get your discount. It is well worth the investment, I promise you.

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