Thursday, April 4, 2013

I've probably been a bit naggy lately

Lately I've been struggling with being supportive of my husband. This is definitely an area I need to work on.

See, Jason has started a new business, which is great. It really is awesome to see his enthusiasm for this new endeavour, and I believe it is something that he can be very successful at.

But, as with just about any business startup, the beginning kinda stinks.

He's been putting a lot of time, and energy, and yes, money into something that so far has little to no financial return.

And in my head, I get that. I understand that it's just starting out and it will take time to build up a good customer base, it will take time to get his name out there. Some things just take time.

But the time away from his normal 2nd job (his 1st job is a firefighter) to start things up means a drastic drop in our household income while we're waiting for this business to take off.

And that is causing me stress.

Not being able to pay all of our bills. Having to drastically cut back on our food budget. Standing in the grocery trying to decide if we should buy milk or toothpaste, because we can't afford both right now. These are the things that stress me out. Greatly.

And so, while I really do support Jason on this endeavour, and I do believe he can succeed, and I do whatever I can to help him out... I also know that my tone of voice has not been the most... loving... lately. In fact, it's probably been a bit naggy.

But I'm trying. If I catch myself in that negative tone of voice, I try to stop, and even walk away if I have to. He knows our budget and our bills. He knows the situation. He doesn't need me to mouth off about it.

And so, I'm working on it.

But man, it'd be nice if some $$ would start rolling in while we wait, wouldn't it?

As always, thanks for checking in!

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