Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just Being There

Jason was making plans to attend a professional conference in Alabama, when I mentioned my plans for while he was gone.

And that was met with disappointment.

Ends up, he wanted me to go to.

But why? I asked. Other than the drive down & back, and maybe meeting for dinner at night, we'd only see each other to sleep.

Ends up... he needs me.

This is a new venture for him, he knows no one, and he was feeling nervous.

And I am his security blanket. Just knowing I am there makes him feel better.

And since I had enough vacation time left at work, I agreed to come. My plan is to spend some time working on my blog, and maybe do a little shopping. I'm sure I'll manage to keep busy.

And so I am typing this from our hotel room, while he is downstairs attending a session. We drove down yesterday. Went to the hotel bar last night in an attempt for him to network. Once I saw that he was comfortably chatting with a group of guys, I excused myself.

He's good now.

And he told me today that he's glad I came.

And it just reminds me, that sometimes the best way we can support our spouse, strengthen our marriage, is simply to be there.

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