Saturday, June 11, 2011

We had a fight

A couple of weeks ago.

It was a big one, although now it seems really stupid.

But it was a doozy.

Quite possibly the only time we've fought in front of FireGirl. Not good, I know.

But somehow we ended with a "we love each other, and don't want to do this, but..."

Which was a start.

And later that night we went to a friend's wedding.

And sometime during the ceremony, I had a thought.

Maybe... just maybe... this fighting... what we were fighting about... because it really was something relatively little & stupid... maybe we've finally settled into the normal-stuff-that-every-married-couple fights about.


But maybe we just have a hard time seeing it, because we went from honeymoon bliss straight into wedded nightmare.

So neither of us knows what it's like to just fight like normal.

So we both still see each little arguement as part of the wedded nightmare, when maybe... just maybe... we've finally just settled into a dysfunctional kind of normal.


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