Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I was so upset last night, I left our bed to sleep on the couch.

Not only did FireMan not seem to care that I was upset, he didn't even notice that I left.

How do you not know that your spouse, your partner, your other half has left the bed? How do you not even care?

This morning he said "You must have gotten up early". He didn't even know that I didn't sleep with him. That I left our bed.

Worse yet? He didn't seem to care.

I came into work with a new appreciation. Oh sure, I still feel undervalued & under-appreciated in my job, but at least I know they notice when I'm not there. They miss me when I'm gone.

In the past I have dressed up in an effort to get FireMan's attention. Without fail, he doesn't even notice. Today, I realized in the car that I hadn't combed my hair. So I turned it into an experiment. I still haven't combed my hair. I'm waiting for someone to notice. Good or bad, just say something! just notice that something's different!

So far? No one has noticed.

So if I get dressed up and try to be attractive for him, and he doesn't notice, and I do nothing, not even comb my hair, and he doesn't notice... then why try at all?

If no matter what I do I'm still invisible, inconsequential... then why do anything at all?


For the love of God, I'm your wife, just NOTICE ME !!!!

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